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Next-generation hardware for your multi-rotor. Use either right-angled or straight pin-headers. Barometer mounted on the bottom of the board for easy wind isolation. Designed for Racing The SPRacingF3 is specifically designed for racing, it gives pilots all the features, connectivity and expansion capabilities they need. Features The SPRacingF3 gives you all the features you need for the heart of your aircraft, whether you’re into FPV racing, acrobatic flying or aerial photography it’s perfect.

Supports a variety of aircraft, tricopters, quadcopters, hexacopters, octocopters, planes and more.

The Vortex (the first in the Vortex family) has experienced incredible success, and has changed the Race Quad market. The Vortex Pro is the result of listening to our top pilots, taking the product to a new level, with the same level of integration as it’s big brother, the Vortex.

The 2mm Carbon Fiber top-plate is designed to take some serious abuse, backed up by 2mm FR4 skid plates which survive scraping across the occasional parking-lot floor. As for the Fusion Gen1, the Gen2 is pre-loaded with a custom build of CleanFlight, and is future-proof, supporting future updates. New for the Vortex , is Dynamic Power Control.

Transmitter power is lowered automatically when the quad is disarmed, or ready for a race to start, to reduce interference to other pilots. All channels fall within the legal US Ham band. The flight cam is protected from impacts, and is suspended from a vibration-dampened carbon-fibre plate. An adjustable bracket allows the camera to be tilted to ensure a good forward view during high-speed racing.

As the icing on the cake, a monster 3A switching regulator allows any HD cam GoPro included to be powered from the flight pack, allowing unnecessary camera batteries to be left at home. Some of the biggest names in FPV Quad Racing have abused countless LiPos tuning the Vortex for peak performance, and have produced some stunning videos in the process. A bit ARM processor runs each ESC, ensuring plenty of processing power to drive even the most fussy brushless motors.

No more swapping motor wires. This extremely powerful tool can be used to tweak your PIDs to perfection with your choise of props, battery, and camera. A real-time interface with the flight controller enables artificial horizons, F style displays, and exchange of flight parameters. A classical EzOSD-type layout, with all critical parameters available on-screen.

ImmersionRC Vortex Setup, Maiden Flight and Issues

Datenschutz OpenSky — a FrSky compatible opensource receiver firmware One year ago i was annoyed by the missing failsafe feature of the stock firmware of my VD5M receiver. My brushed micro quad nearly flow away because of that. This was when i started to look out for alternatives. There were some diy receivers using atmega processors and code from midelic, a user of rcgroups.

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PWM is a technique used to relay data in the form of a varying pulse width. You may be already familiar with binary, 1’s and 0’s; where a 1 is represented as ‘on’ and a 0 as ‘off’. An example of this would be a light switch. Turning the switch on would indicate a 1, off a 0. The way we relay data to a servo for instance is the time the pulse is on. A servo or ESC will monitor this pulse and begin counting when the pulse is detected and stop counting when the pulse stops.

The time the pulse is on will determine the servo position. For example, sending a servo a 1ms pulse will make the servo swing completely left while a 2ms pulse will swing the arm completely right. The entire pulse is called a frame. A complete frame will include both the time the pulse is high ms and the time the pulse is low. The image below represents a typical PWM frame. Although the frame lasts 20ms the important part of the pulse is the time the pulse is on; ms.

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FNA – Forward No Answer allowed when there is no answer where do you want the call to go and the FDN is the extension you want the call to go to HTA – HunTing Allowed this is when your phone is busy do you want it to go somewhere else and hunt is the number you want the call to go to when your line is busy LPA – LamP Allowed you have to have lamp allowed on an analogue set to light the voicemail led. It gets power to light the lamp from the power card on the shelf unlike a digital set that gets power from the digital line card Stuck Lamp s: Press this key, and enter the DN of the set with a stuck on message waiting lamp, and press again.

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Would you like to advise on what control board and esc for this transition please? I hear many are based on a naze 32 control board. Sent from my iPhone using PhantomPilots mobile app Click to expand I fly them a lot – pretty much gotten away from the Phantoms except for specific AP jobs. The small ones are much more fun. Crashing is a given.

You will hit hard many times.

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My Vortex was pretty much plug and play but I did encounter an issue while setting it up. Keep reading to find out. Check out the video above to see the set up. The video above was flown in preset 1 with the PIDs that came with the Vortex. With these PIDs the Vortex had some crazy yaw drift.

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Perversely, the rev4 version we tested has an MPU but uses only its gyro part, with a separate MMA accelerometer thrown in. This is very much pointless as the MPU has a very good acc built in, which explains why rev5 of this board gets rid of the separate accelerometer chip. A lot of work is going into the stabilization and PID code, and there are constant updates on the public google code repository.

This is both good news and bad news: Flashing the software and setting up the FC is straightforward thanks to an excellent PDF manual which explains the slightly different procedure and tools used in this process. This flight controller, though it may well come with some software preinstalled, is not for the faint of heart. If the thought of flashing firmware or entering bootloader mode scares you, the Naze32 is not for you.


Just a bit more complicated. There are many ways to invert the signal, such as using a signal inverter which you can build yourself. These are all very cheap and easy to find. According to this diagram above, you can find the pin for the original, uninverted signal and use that direct to your flight controller.

Documentation related to the ClearPass release such as the Scaling & Ordering Guide, Upgrade Overview TechNote, etc. 12/4/ ADCS with ClearPass Onboard vpdf.

Comes with old Cleanflight 1. No Buzzer by default — you can add one if required! Switches for modes and settings are way better than turning Knobs! Get some Cable ties and heat shrink and mount the aerials facing upwards so there is no chance props can hit them. In default position they will get chopped by props straight away! If you want to do step 7 and 8, it is required to disconnect it as per pictures. I noticed that if you turn dip switch 4 off, it cuts all power to the naze32, so be sure not to do this if you are turning off your lights!

This last stage is quite a bit of work, but hang in there.

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Is this ready to fly? Comes with old Cleanflight 1. No Buzzer by default — you can add one if required! Switches for modes and settings are way better than turning Knobs!

The ‘F1’ class processor is updated to an F3, flash memory for BlackBox log storage is integrated, the buzzer is replaced with one MUCH louder, and a port is added for direct serial receiver hookup (5V and v supply options).

Imagine using one cable and one receiver to control up to 16 servos. Imagine being able to plug in battery packs anywhere you want. Imagine a system that simplifies setup, yet gives you more programming power at the same time. You can stop imagining, because the S. Bus system can do it all — and more. And if you can imagine a system that can do so much, you can also guess which company has already made it a reality: Bus system is more than just a better product. What does the S.

Seriously Pro F3 (SP3) Quick Tip – Install and setup PWM, CPPM and S-Bus Radio Receivers