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Press Release: Let Your Heart Rule PSA Contest

The PSA was chosen as the winner by a vote of more than high school students across Middlesex County and will now be submitted to local television stations for possible airing across the state. The students involved in the video were: Launched in April, it asked high school students from throughout Middlesex County to create and produce their own PSAs on the issue of teen dating violence.

A total of 35 entries were submitted by more than students from throughout the county. The six PSA finalists were then selected from those entries by a panel of school personnel, domestic violence experts,and members of the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office. Those six PSA finalists were then viewed and voted on by more than high school students in health and physical education classes throughout Middlesex County.

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Through a strong partnership with coalition partners, MALDEF provides the Latino community in the Los Angeles region with important domestic violence prevention information using a culturally and linguistically sensitive, multi-pronged approach. The confidential service also lists referrals to free or low-cost legal resources and to community organizations offering assistance and provisional emergency shelters. Youth Leadership Program for teenagers at high schools in Los Angeles. Forums and Outreach Events — MALDEF holds Domestic Violence Prevention Forums throughout the year with lawyers, mental health counselors and well-known survivors to dispel myths and provide fact-based options and solutions to this devastating crime.

They clearly conveyed the message that relationship and family violence affect each person differently, and that victims have the right and responsibility to reach out for help regardless of age, language, national origin, or legal status. To celebrate National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, MALDEF launched the placement of hundreds of full-color bus placards on the sides, tails and interiors of Metro busses viewed by millions of people throughout the highest Latino populated areas in the Los Angeles region.

Racy PSA warns seniors about STDs

The criteria and methodology: Have they endured the test of time? Have they become synonymous with a company or product? Have they exercised an influence on our culture, media, and language?

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9 ways to improve your online dating profile: A PSA to men everywhere

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Teen Dating Violence PSA Project Sponsored by the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office, REACH and Middlesex Partnerships for Youth, Inc. Student Application Winners will have their PSA Video professionally edited and submitted for broadcast on television outlets throughout the Boston area.

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Jul 29,  · PSA entry for the All-American High School Film Festival Directed by Julia Kaitlin Villarba Cinematographer: Carter Knight Editor: Carter Knight.

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