Ford Ranger Tachometer Install

View Photo Gallery While being completely electronically controlled makes the Allison a modern technological marvel able to adapt to your current driving style and provide utmost comfort, it often hampers its abilities to perform in the aftermarket. The Allison’s adaptive learning technology can actually work against it in the performance-oriented world because the transmission tuning tells it to expect stock torque values. According to Allison, “The transmission controls have been highly integrated with Duramax diesel engines in GM pickups. Part of this integration is that the TCM has a map of each engine’s torque output throughout its operating rpm. During most range shifts, there is more power available than necessary to maintain acceleration. The unused engine power traditionally goes into slipping clutches and results in additional heat without adding to vehicle performance.

J10 6bt cummins conversion [Archive]

This page covers the original D series. The new D series for was bigger and tougher than before. The wheelbase of each model grew by about six inches, while the frames grew stronger and added a cross member, and both front and rear axles were stronger. A pair of modern six cylinder engines helped efficiency:

Aug 30,  · I have two 1st Gen () diesel trucks. On one I have an Isspro Tach with a mag pick-up I installed on the flywheel hsng. I also located the tach lead under the dash for the O. E. M. accessory tach, which I’m told by my dealer, has not been available for years.

The S trucks are a very popular vehicle for engine swaps of all kinds. Since our specialty is with these trucks, there are many variations offered to install a fuel injected Chevy small block engine in any year truck. Below you will find a list of years and options that will make a bit of difference in the harness, as well as some information you will need to help make better decisions for your swap.

Please be sure and read the extra information supplied in each year for certain things that you may or may not be aware of. When disconnecting the stock vehicle harness, all you will need to do is unplug it from any connections at the firewall, fenders, and anywhere else that a connector may be. The new harness should simply plug back in to any connectors, there should be no reason to remove or replace anything from the inside of the vehicle in most cases.

Things YOU will need to know. There are many variations between these years as far as the computers and wiring goes, but nothing major. Certain things that matter are whether or not the truck was a 4 cyl, 2. This will affect how the wiring must be done in order for the truck to function properly after the engine swap.


Whether you’re towing a stock trailer or racing down the quarter mile, having the ability to monitor vital engine statistics is extremely crucial. We also carry mounting systems from Autometer to ensure your gauges have a factory looking installation. Just remember, no matter what, you can never have too many gauges. Read More On all diesel trucks, having the ability to monitor exhaust gas temperature is critical, so having a good pyrometer is a must.

All pyrometer EGT gauges come complete with gauge, wiring, and thermocouple for drilling into the exhaust stream. For owners of automatic transmission trucks, having a gauge to properly monitor transmission oil temperature is a great idea.

B7 Boost EGT Fuel PSI Gauges + Triple Pod for Dodge Ram 1st Gen Cummins (Fits: Dodge W) All mounting hardware required for a pillar pod setup is included. Our car specific gauge pods will comfortably fit 2 1 16 gauges while our selection of universal pillar pods include both 52mm and 60mm pillar pod gauges sizes.

Would make it easier to hook them up. IWantATurbo that would be a great big help!!!!! Looking up the diagrams too: D IWantATurbo , Their sole purpose is to reduce cold-start emissions. What little heat they might provide to the intake air is quickly over-ridden by the vast amount of current-draw on the battery s , at a time when they need current the most. If anything, they start better in cold weather without them.

IIIFFF you can get it to fire without the heaters it runs like the motor is going to jump right out of the thing for at least 30 seconds or more. This can’t be good as opposed to firing it up under the same conditions, but using the heaters and it just purrs.: D snowgasmxz , I took the dodge relays and went to a cheap horn button threw a switched hot lead run heater by hand a 8 count 1st time 5 the next ive been able to start mine as cold as with being pluged in hunting season.

Long solder the sender leads out of the dodge. Did you use the dodge alt.

ISSPRO Tachometer Sensor Kit

Grand total cost me approx. I first posted this as a post-build thread, but now it’s an on-going progress thread Nasty before well, after the initial engine swap, my standards have improved a bit since engine bay pic These adapter plates DID however move the engine forward approx. Carshop adapter plates look like this

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This is the correct taller style design, exact for all 67 models but can be used on any bird you choose. Features OE style green markings, numbering, and lettering. Pontiac text logo on the background. Each tachometer is manufactured with a tightly sealed case to keep moisture out which means less corrosion of internal parts and long lasting dependability. Correct Pontiac lettering for an authentic look. Not for use with original harness.

Use harness supplied with part. It works with all factory hood tachs and new reproduction hood tachs. In the past all hood tachs hooked up directly to the fuse box except for which hooked up to the dash light harness and you were able to control the brightness, but in they changed it so the hood tach is on bright at all times and at night it made the hood tach so bright, you had a hard time reading the numbers.


For the past week there has been a new engine speed dependent whine. Anyway, last night I get home and my remote won’t lock the car, so I have to manually lock it. I thought that the battery finally died. The lights didn’t flash to indicate it was locked, and the locking pin didn’t make it’s sound.

Mar 27,  · Here’s a few pictures & explanations that I posted earlier over on DTR for a Dodge Cummins truck with a factory tach installed: FWIW, here are a few pictures of the factory supplied tach wiring harness used in the Dodge that I have and there is not a PCM installed on the fender.

Originally Posted by eshaw View Post Those are good reasons. Why did you choose the 3. It would seem that the latter would be more available and easier to source parts. From what I’ve been able to ascertain the 4bt requires a SFA for the additional weight. This is the reason for the 3. Thanks for answering my questions.

Terry nailed it, I got this 3.

Cummins B Swap in a ’95 Zr2 (that will someday be SFA’d)

You will need to splice into pin number 48, which will be a Tan and Yellow stripe wire, to obtain your engine RPM signal. On rangers no matter which cluster you have, you do not have to put any wires through the fire wall, take your cluster out, the wide, white connector in the back of the cluster has two wires on mine they were yellow and tan, and yellow and black you can simply splice the green wire into the yellow and tan wire.

Or, you can go to the ICM, and splice into pin B, which will be a tan wire with a yellow stripe. Or you can connect to the 12V source if you do not need to dim the tachometer light. Will this also be a problem with aftermarket tachometers?

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Share We started out with this project by following the primal call that comes from within us to get back to the simple and reliable days of the Cummins valve engine. The valve Cummins, officially known as the 6BT, is a legend in its own right. Its rock solid design is from an age when a diesel engine was a true diesel. This engine was originally designed for Case tractors and then adopted for use in a variety of commercial applications. This early Cummins engine is ultra reliable.

The 6BT is all mechanical, meaning that it doesn’t require any electronics to function or run. It does have a crankshaft position sensor for the tachometer, but for electronics, that’s it. The components in this engine are truly industrial strength, engineered to run for a million miles with proper maintenance. Yes, that’s right, the 6BT is from an era where emissions on diesel engines were not under such tight regulation and subject to the asinine liberal propaganda mandated laws that the Gore-ites are force-feeding us, the majority of normal US citizens hey, we’ve all got our hot-button.

You can actually get 18 to 22 mpg on average when driving a truck with a 6BT engine. First and foremost because this truck came with the 6BT engine that uses the Bosch P injection pump.

Auto Meter – Diesel Tach Installation Video