In Memory Of The 50 Million Victims Of The Orthodox Christian Holocaust

The book is a tale of two journeys: Lesson Plan Available for Download New! Four years later, American aid workers found him at an orphanage in Antoura, Lebanon. He was among nearly 1, Armenian and Kurdish children who had been abandoned by the Turkish administrators, left to survive at the orphanage without adult care. This memoir offers the extraordinary story of what he endured in those years—as his people were deported from their Armenian community, as his family died in a refugee camp in the deserts of Syria, as he survived hunger and mistreatment in the orphanage. Salpi A collection of autobiographical short stories from survivors of the Genocide of the Armenians, Our Cross was written by Aram Sahakian under the pen name M. Sahakian, a medical officer in the Turkish army during the First World War, met many Armenian soldiers and officers who recounted to him the plight of their families following the Turkish deportations and massacres of their communities.

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In both cases, property gifted to the Armenian and Greek foundations were seized as the Turkish courts upheld orders declaring that the bequest violated a decree disallowing non-Moslems from donating real estate. If the court rules in favor of the foundations, hundreds of buildings seized in the past may be returned. During his testimony Krikorian noted that “for centuries, Armenians paid and in many places still pay a high price for their Christianity,” and that seizure and destruction of Armenian Church property was commonplace.

Krikorian noted that in , in Turkey, there were approximately 5, Armenian Churches, seminaries and schools registered by the Patriarchate and that today, 90 years after the Armenian Genocide , there are less than 50 Armenian Churches under the Patriarchate’s jurisdiction. Krikorian also pointed to the Soorp Purgich Armenian Hospital as example of how the Treaty of Lausanne and other international standards for protecting religious rights are not being upheld, and urged the Helsinki Commission to play a critical leadership in addressing these issues.

Jeff King, President of International Christian Concern, who also testified before the Commission, called the expected decision by the European Court “an opportunity to right a long-standing injustice and an opportunity for Turkey to utilize this opportunity to strengthen its commitment to democratic reforms and to uphold its international obligations to protect its citizens.

Skywriters have written pro-Turkish slogans in the air above New York. They wrote ‘How happy Is the one who says, I am a Turk’ in Turkish and also slogans which denied the Armenian genocide.

Background[ edit ] In the years between and the Patriarch of Armenia submitted letters to the Sublime Porte asking for help to protect the Armenians from the violent abuse and social and political injustice they were subjected to. He requested the people be protected from “brigandage, murder, abduction and rape of women and children, confiscatory taxes, and fraud and extortion by local officials. Within the Islamic judicial system the Armenians had no recourse, a Muslim was allowed to request a hearing before a religious court, in which testimony from non-Muslims would be disallowed or given little value.

All a Muslim needed to do to get a case settled was swear on the Koran. Because of this the Armenians, as well as other dhimmi , had little hope within the judicial system. According to Peter Balakian , “a well-armed Kurd or Turk could not only steal his [Armenian] host’s possessions but could rape or kidnap the women and girls of the household with impunity. The Massacre of , Its Antecedents and Significance.

The book made note of the fact that men were murdered out of hand, while the women and children suffered appalling sexual attacks. Many were outraged [b] to death, and the remainder dispatched with sword and bayonet. Children were placed in a row, one behind another, and a bullet fired down the line, apparently to see how many could be dispatched with one bullet.

Infants and small children were piled one on the other and their heads struck off.

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However the origins of the name Hayastan trace back to much earlier dates and were first attested in circa 5th century in the works of Agathangelos , [30] [31] Faustus of Byzantium , [32] [33] Ghazar Parpetsi , [34] Koryun , [35] and Sebeos. He relates that the people spoke a language that to his ear sounded like the language of the Persians. Of the four sons of Aram, Uz founded Trachonitis and Damascus: History of Armenia Antiquity Main articles: There is evidence of an early civilisation in Armenia in the Bronze Age and earlier, dating to about BC.

Archaeological surveys in and at the Areni-1 cave complex have resulted in the discovery of the world’s earliest known leather shoe , [46] skirt, [47] and wine-producing facility.

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Apparently because all of these people were more or less racially Indo-European they were easily exploited by the Jews in their endless bloody schemes against the Arabs. Their cultures and racial makeup vary considerably due to ethnic admixture. The only similarities among them are religious and linguistic: In Turks numbered about 73 million. After Turkey, Germany hosts the largest Turkish population in the world.

Bulgaria, France, Britain, the United States, Holland, and Austria also rank among the top ten countries with the largest Turkish populations. In Race , John R.

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The remote and self-sustaining city of Zeytun was the first Armenian community in Ottoman Turkey deported en masse in April To deprive the Zeytun Armenians of any capacity to defy the deportation edicts, the Young Turk government divided its population sending one part east toward the Syrian Desert and another part west to the barren flats of the Konya Plain. By this fate, the Zeytun deportees were routed down from their mountain homes through the nearby city of Marash and the Cilician Plain and back up through the high passes of the Cilician Gates of the Taurus Range, the only accessible road from Cilicia to Anatolia.

This route also placed them along the Berlin-Bagdad rail line then under construction through those very same passes. By intersecting that rail line, Zeytun Armenians soon found themselves among the rest of the Armenian population of western Anatolia being deported east by train to the main terminus at Konya and substations beyond, where they were offloaded from cattle cars to walk down the mountain passes, while work crews led by German and Swiss engineers were cutting open new roads and tunnels to complete the construction of the rail system.

There also happened to be an American hospital in Konya manned by three outstanding figures who soon found themselves in the midst of hundreds of thousands of Armenian deportees and as such became witnesses to the unfolding of the Armenian Genocide.

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In his speech he accused the Kurds of taking advantage of the situation in the southeastern border towns of Sur and Silopi. They are opening a diplomatic mission in Moscow,” he said. Nurhan Becidyan, an Armenian-American who served in the Turkish army as a reserve officer in the s, told Al-Monitor about the meaning of the term “Armenian gangs. Thus they had to be deported and some unavoidable deaths occurred during the deportations.

Since then the trend of labeling Kurds as Armenians has only become more prevalent and official. Davutoglu, once known as a calm-mannered professor of political science, is repeating similar lines today. The Armenian diaspora in the United States perceived Davutoglu’s words as an unintended confession of the genocide. Although not reported in the Turkish mainstream media, Edward Nalbandian , foreign minister of Armenia, issued a statement in this regard stating that not much has changed in the last years.

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A cultural showcase not to be missed is Matenadaran, one of the world’s largest and oldest repositories of Armenian manuscripts. Later we’ll through the Russian Old believers’ villages and picturesque Canyon of Debed River we visit the Monastery of Haghpat dating back Turk and, finally, Russian invaders. We begin our tour with a.

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Advanced Search Abstract By studying the continuity between the Ottoman Empire and its succeeding Turkish Republic, this article aims to address one crucial aspect of the denial of the Armenian genocide by the Turkish state, namely the issue of state responsibility. However, the barrier that is created by the issue of state responsibility is identified here as the fundamental obstacle for genocide recognition by the Turkish state.

This article aims to apply some of the existing legal principles and theories of international law in order to test their applicability to the two Turkish states and the issue of internationally wrongful acts committed during World War I and the ensuing years.

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Armenian belongs to an independent branch of the Indo-European linguistic family. It is a highly inflective language, with a complicated system of declensions. It is agglutinative, rich in consonants, and has no grammatical gender. The vocabulary includes many Persian loan words. There are two main dialects: The alphabet, patterned after Persian and Greek letters, has 38 characters. Armenian literature dates from the early 5th century ad.

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It is traditionally written in Arabic script. In , the Soviets introduced a Cyrillic alphabet, with eight special characters. However, the percentage of those who are active practitioners of the faith is believed to be much lower. Religious identity within the country tends to be primarily based on culture and ethnicity.

Armenian landmarks are many and most of them are ancient. Here is the list of 15 most popular Armenian landmarks. to a Turk’s enquiry as to why is the Ararat Mountain on the Armenian emblem if it’s not in its territory, the Armenian replied a Persian fortress dating back to the 18th century.

The Armenian massacre that inspired Hitler Last updated at The year was , and his wife, Varter, knew that she was unlikely to see her husband alive again. Armenian men like him were being rounded up and taken away. In the words of their persecutors, they were being “deported” – but not to an earthly place. Varter never found out what fate her husband suffered. Some said he was shot, others that he was among the men held in jail, who suffered torture so unbearable that they poured the kerosene from prison lamps over their heads and turned themselves into human pyres as a release from the agony.

Heavily pregnant, Varter was ordered to join a death convoy marching women and children to desert concentration camps. Scroll down for more She survived the journey alone – her six children died along the way. The two youngest were thrown to their deaths down a mountainside by Turkish guards; the other four starved to death at the bottom of a well where they had hidden to escape.

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Greece obtained independence in The fall of the declining Empire seemed inevitable. However, the Turks held on as a result of the European disagreement about how to divide the spheres of influence. Once again, Armenians put their hopes on Russia. During the Russo-Turkish war of , the czar Nicholas I captured Erzerum and was already advancing to Constantinople, but was stopped by European powers.

Paradoxically, just 3 years later, Russians were involved in a conflict against Egypt in order to protect the Ottoman Sultan. The inconsistent Russian policy resulted in a number of setbacks for Russia’s further expansion. On the other hand, England, Germany and France, though sympathetic toward the enslaved nations of the Ottoman Empire, tried hard to reduce the Russian influence and finally became involuntary allies of the Turks.

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