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Initially, people “in the business” either wrestlers or those working behind the scenes used the term “kayfabe” as a code among those in the wrestling profession, discussing matters in public without revealing the scripted nature. Unlike actors who only portray their characters when on set or on stage, professional wrestlers often stay “in character” outside the shows, especially when interacting with fans, trying to preserve the illusion of professional wrestling. Another term for “kayfabe” is the word “work”, or “worked”, which also refers to the staged nature of professional wrestling. In contrast, something that is not “kayfabe” but legitimate, be it a fight or a statement is referred to as a ” shoot “. Every time he did, someone would yell “Kayfabe. Then one night, the guy decided to stand up for himself and told the whole dressing room: What he didn’t know is that wrestlers called people outside of the business “marks”—that’s why we were yelling kayfabe in the first place. Sometimes that could include wrestlers’ family members who had not been clued into the scripted nature of professional wrestling. Another theory claims that there actually was a wrestler called “Kay Fabian” who was mute.

Paige & Alberto Del Rio Dating: 11 Things WWE Fans Need To Know

The crazy, mixed-up world of professional wrestling is a brutal, taxing environment, where people can be forced together and separated at a whim, and temptation lurks around seemingly every corner. Even with all that working against the idea of true love, there have been men and women who have found each other, and against all odds, ended up living happily ever after together well, so far, at least.

Despite the fact that she was nearly ten years his senior, Sable and Lesnar hit it off, and after a couple of years of on-again, off-again engagement, were married in While Lesnar has remained very much in the public eye, beteween his run in UFC and his much-publicized return to WWE, Sable has remained firmly in the background, raising their children two of their own, plus 5 from their respective former relationships.

Their dedication to keeping their personal life private appears to have been a formula for a successful marriage, as they have stayed together for over a decade at this point. Unfortunately, Cody grew disenfranchised with his treatment in WWE and asked for his release, with Eden following him out the door shortly thereafter, so their presence has become greatly diminished on the mainstream scene.

The 50 Greatest Finishing Moves in WWE History presents the most amazing, devastating and bone crunching signature moves in this countdown-style production guaranteed to stir up controversy and banter among the WWE Universe.

A videographer nodded and moved in tighter. From the time she made her WWE debut as Chyna in to the moment this April when she posted a YouTube video of herself chugging a spinach smoothie just hours before a lethal drug overdose at age 46, Laurer always welcomed the spotlight. At times, some say, she craved it. She cut off communication with her sister more than a decade ago, infuriated at the suggestion that she enter a drug rehabilitation facility.

Laurer cherished the identity and acceptance she found in WWE, where former colleagues say she became one of the most popular wrestlers on the roster. But she alienated many of them after leaving the company in , when her life began a year spiral peppered with arrests, porn films, reality shows, suicide attempts and videos on TMZ. Laurer, a friend recalled, swung her weapon at responding police officers, who tackled her, put her in handcuffs and drove her to a mental hospital. Laurer screamed and cursed at Hamilton for hours before barricading herself in the bathroom to get high.

A private plane flew the sisters to Salt Lake City, and they arrived at the facility around midnight. Five minutes later, as staff members attempted to greet her in the lobby, Laurer went on a profanity-laced tirade and stormed out. For years, though, she sent threatening messages via voicemail, postcard and fax. Goodness knows, there were plenty of them.

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And not all of them had lengthy or successful WWE careers. But they all made watching pro wrestling much more entertaining. Chyna is not on the list. Gail Kim had two stints in the WWE—one from , and another from Interestingly, like Trish Stratus—who sits much higher up on the list—Gail Kim also hails from Toronto. Who knew Toronto was such a hotbed for female pro wrestling?

Paige in action at a WWE live event in Germany (Image: Getty Images Europe). Paige, real name Saraya-Jade Bevis, also appeared to feature in a sex tape that seemingly included two male wrestlers.

Brock Lesnar and Sable real name: The road quickly become home for these wrestlers as they lay their heads down in different cities every night. Daniel Bryan real name: Aditya Rangarajan 2 d. Hardy was very unhappy and outspoken causing huge tension between the two male wrestlers. It has to be difficult to meet people and form bonds unless you spend a lot of time with them, so wrestlers coupling makes for a natural possibility.

Robbie went back with his ex-wife and they started taking potshots at each other on social media. Cody Runnels and Eden real name: The couple currently has two children of their own and reside quietly in Minnesota. Soumik Datta 2 hr. Hardy has seen some darkness when it comes to love and family his brother Jeff has dealt with his own legal troubles. Ouellet is no longer with the WWE but during her run did manage to capture the Divas Championship on two separate occasions.

The mind, body and soul of Charlotte Flair

A short while later, this photo surfaced online of the two posing together with fans. The pics kept rolling in as a photo of Del Rio and Paige kissing in public really got fans buzzing. What Alberto Del Rio and Paige Have In Common Fans catch rare glimpses of their favorite wrestlers when the spotlight goes off and feel quite hurt if they are caught unaware by one development or another.

Broken hearts and a fifteen-year age difference aside Paige is years-old, whereas Alberto Del Rio is 39 , their romance actually seems natural considering they both have wrestling in their blood. Like Paige, Del Rio comes from a wrestling family.

Money in the Bank got the WWE back on the right road after the shaky Backlash and Greatest Royal Rumble, and we’re now on the way to SummerSlam.. Before that though, it’s the tenth ever Extreme.

A world-class rugby player might be able to charge through the opposition like a slightly-faster tank, but could he also drop a big elbow from the top rope? And a champion boxer can certainly take a good walloping, but could he do it five nights a week, every week? And get slammed on the mat a dozen times and whacked with a steel chair?

Yeah, sorry sports fans. It only takes one good bash to the noggin for the referee to stop a fight. The biggest misconception about adult WWE fans is that the homoerotic undertones of half-naked men rolling around with each other is lost on them.

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The year-old has had a turbulent relationship with the Mexican wrestler, with claims of domestic violence taking place at an airport. It came after she suffered a leaked sex tape scandal when explicit pictures and footage of her was stolen and shared online. Del Rio, 40, and Paige were known for making frequent public declaration of their love for each other, including her in-ring wedding proposal.

The pair had been engaged Image: Rex Features But these ended after an Orlando International Airport incident involving police and now seemingly they have broken off their engagement. Del Rio, who now competes as Alberto El Patron in Impact Wrestling, was suspended by the company in July and stripped of its world title.

Money in the Bank got the WWE back on the right road after the shaky Backlash and Greatest Royal Rumble, and we’re now on the way to SummerSlam.. Before that though, it’s the tenth ever Extreme.

The Monster Among Men drove the Beast Incarnate through two announce tables with running powerslams, before tipping a third on top of him. Lesnar’s hysterical manager Paul Heyman begged for mercy as Brock was led out on a stretcher, leaving just three men in a brilliant Fatal 4-Way match. From the moment Braun first tossed Brock around like a rag doll it felt special and the prospect of these juggernauts warring one-on-one is mouthwatering.

Roman Reigns speared Lesnar through a barricade before Strowman began destroying everything in sight and hurled a chair at Reigns and Samoa Joe. When the champion finally returned he was gunning for Braun and they traded blows before Reigns unleashed a never ending series of Superman Punches. Strowman hit more powerslams and Lesnar scampered across the ring to break up pin falls and even dragged a referee away in a desperate bid to save his title.

Joe nearly capitalised with a Coquina Clutch on Lesnar after Braun ate a spear, but Brock F5’d him and then did the same to the onrushing Reigns to leave with the gold.

The mind, body and soul of Charlotte Flair

Early life[ edit ] Danielson was born and raised in Aberdeen, Washington , the son of a logger father and a therapist mother, who divorced when Danielson was young. Danielson revealed in his autobiography that he was close to being called up to the main roster during the Royal Rumble match. He explained that the WWF thought of using him as one of their key figures in the newly created cruiserweight division which was inspired by World Championship Wrestling WCW.

Enhancement talent — [ edit ] In , Danielson wrestled two matches for the renamed World Wrestling Entertainment WWE despite not being a contracted performer for the company. It was later revealed Danielson had become frustrated in general with professional wrestling and planned to take some time off to evaluate his career options. During the match, Danielson turned on his team by assaulting his rival Samoa Joe before leaving the match and effectively abandoning his involvement in the animosity between the two promotions.

Of course, narrowing down the career of the greatest wrestler of all time to a few moments is a tough job, but otherwise we’d be here all day.

From his days battling through crowds alongside Rowdy Roddy Piper all the way through to his time battling the Undertaker with his son Randy, Bob Orton Jr. The full episode can be downloaded at this link. I didn’t realize they were going to snatch me like that but they did and I got over it. It kind of surprised me with being here at home and everything but the people really enjoyed it and that is the main thing. There are also a lot of weekends where I go out and do stuff like what I am doing up there at Northeast Wrestling in a couple weeks and I really enjoy that kind of thing because I get to shoot the bull with the wrestling fans and have a good time with it.

No harm done and no harm, no foul. I think all his eggs were riding in that one basket. All you’ve got to do is look at the history. They’ve calmed down now and I don’t think are quite as bad for the fellas and it is good because there are no lawsuits and nobody getting hurt and that is the way it should be. He was so entertaining so the trips were pretty quick and listening to him all the way and I really had a great time and probably the best time in my life as far as wrestling is concerned.

I really enjoyed that time with Roddy. I miss those phone calls when he’d be on the road doing his schtick with the comedy clubs and he’d call me and we’d talk for an hour or so and he was just a really nice man. I wrestled Andre in the Madison Square Garden and what a nice, nice guy and what a good man. He dated my little sister for four or five years and I really liked Andre but if Andre didn’t want to be moved he wasn’t going anywhere.

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