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Production began in The Cynwyd, Denbighshire, company now employs more than people and makes up to 1, trailers a week. Andrew Reece-Jones, design and engineering manager, said, “We are naturally extremely proud of reaching this important milestone in our history. Our philosophy is to produce high quality trailers that combine high technology with strength, durability, ease of maintenance and value for money.

As specialists in trailer design and engineering, we have continued to set the standard both in the UK and throughout much of Europe.

IFOR WILLIAMS, the Welsh trailer maker with a worldwide reputation, is celebrating making its ,th unit. Production began in The Cynwyd, Denbighshire, company now employs more than

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Partly due to recent changes in towing law there is a good guide to this on the Ifor Williams web site and partly because of increased awareness in the area, police officers are now paying more attention to the light trailer sector, and are stopping and checking more vehicles with trailers. Alternatively check directly with Ifor Williams Trailers, they should have the sellers name on file against the warranty registration details If he bought it new.

Also when checking a trailer confirm all the details, for example Blue HB R with split ramp, if your serial number comes up on their system as a different spec i. Even if you arrive at the address, and are met outside try to get access need the loo? Please bear these potential additional costs in mind when bidding.

Mod changing company logos and skins at Krone and Schmitz trailers for painting real companies. Mod tested and working on v If you using my Trailer Mod Pack, this mod must load after trailer mod.

It has become a landmark feature in that time highlighting the companies that are key to the local economy. In essence, this ranking shows the biggest companies by turnover based in a postcode beginning with SA. This covers the area now known as the Swansea Bay Region plus a few areas a little further afield. For a company to be included, we naturally need its turnover. We look for these on the Companies House website. If the data is not available and we cannot corroborate it by other means, we cannot include that company.

The tricky part can be around the registered address of companies. These can be separate from their main operations. We changed the methodology slightly last year to make it more representative of companies truly domiciled in the region and allow us to include businesses with substantial operations here even if they are registered elsewhere. We also excluded a number of companies that are subsidiaries of much larger, global conglomerates.

They made previous rankings because a specific limited company might have been registered in this part of the world but the profits were often being distributed elsewhere. In their place, we have included a number of entities with owners, substantial operations and staff in this part of the world but which may have been excluded before because their limited companies may have been registered elsewhere.

, now know the pull of Ifor Williams – Wales Online

Dating ifor williams trailers Farming Skateboarding cow gets new set of wheels. Originally Posted by Ulscots. Check dating ifor williams trailers IWT ltd http:

Jan 28,  · Ifor Williams use a different chassis code comprising a letter or number followed by a plus or minus sign and a further five numbers on its trailers. If you bid on an Ifor Williams trailer, it is easy to check on its identification before you pay for it.

Read more How do you remove a cattle container from its host trailer? There are two main options for removing a Marshall cattle container from its host trailer; when using either method ensure that ratchet securing straps are removed before lifting and please follow proper safety procedures. The first method involves attaching straps to lift eyes located on the top corners of Marshall containers and then using a tele-handler to lift the container off; in some cases it might be safer to use two tele-handler.

Once the container has been lifted from the host trailer simply drive the host trailer away and place the container on the ground. The second option for removing a container is only available to customers who specified lifting channels to be installed; these are simply two lengths of box section that run across the width of the container. The benefit of these is that they allow a tele-handler to place its forks in the box section and safely lift the container off; ideal for customer with smaller tele-handlers that do not have the necessary height to use the lifting eyes.

Marshalls strongly recommends cleaning out any container before removing and storing; this will significantly increase its life span. What are the current regulations on agricultural trailer brakes?

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A major blaze broke out at Ifor Williams Trailers on Deeside Industrial Estate, sending thick black smoke billowing across the area. About 70 workers at the horse box manufacturer, and at neighbouring Dailycer, were evacuated while fire crews rushed to the scene. Six fire engines and an aerial ladder platform tackled the blaze while North Wales Police blocked off Fourth Avenue. Investigations were underway last night to find out what caused the explosion and fire, and whether there was any environmental impact.

Fabbrica leader in UK, Ifor Williams Trailers Ltd è nata nel e ha costruito fino ad oggi 4 milioni di rimorchi. I vari prodotti costruiti sono rimorchi adibiti al trasporto animali, cavalli, trasporto auto, commerciali, ribaltabili, non frenati, furgonati, cassoni da montare su autocarri, e canopie, uno standard di più di mille varianti.

Features Mesh Sides — Available on all models; these sides simply bolt on to the trailer. They provide an increased capacity for light loads such as leaves and grass. The standard light units fitted are commercial grade, and sealed to prevent water damage. Pressed Panel Construction — This production technique increases strength and rigidity without adding significant weight, ensuring that the side panels can safely and easily be handled or removed.

Fixed Headboard — Every trailer in our drop-side range has a fixed headboard as standard. This increases torsional rigidity to reduce flexing when the trailer is being used. Fully-braced Hinge Points — Our whole drop-side range uses the same hinge points, which are reinforced to stand up to the constant opening and closing action drop-side trailers have to endure. Fully Welded Construction — No compromises are made in the construction of our trailers, with every model utilizing a fully welded construction.

This provides two major benefits; the overall durability of the trailer is increased and there is less opportunity for water to sit and cause rust. Marshall Chassis Design — Our smaller models use a fully-welded channel chassis that provides unmatched strength while keeping weight down. The benefit of spring suspension is for road-work because it handles uneven surfaces better at speed. The size of the brakes on our drop-side range are also more then acceptable; providing braking efficiency in excess of the current legal requirements.

Paint Finish — Since November we have shot-blasted, this is acknowledged in the paint industry as the best possible method for preparing steel for painting.

Ifor Williams HB In Nieuwstaat te Koop Aangeboden op localhost:81

Ifor Williams Trailers is setting up a new production line at a site in Sandycroft to create extra capacity to build its iconic livestock trailers. The move will create 55 permanent jobs at the new facility with the line moved from Cynwyd, near Corwen, where the firm says there wasn’t the capacity to expand operations. Read More Ifor Williams trailers transformed into luxury glamping rooms for rich and famous The 30 permanent staff currently on the line at Cynwyd will be reassigned to other production lines.

Ifor Williams, which employs around workers, also has three other manufacturing sites at Corwen, Ruthin and Deeside Industrial Park. Read More Gordon Burns, the group head of human resources, said:

Ifor Williams trailers. Vi er autorisert forhandler. se mere. Utleie. Vi har hengere og maskiner til utleie. se mere. Hesterelatert utstyr. Flis. det beste underlaget for din hest. se mere. Back on Track. se mere. Stallplasser. se mere. STALL W Salg og Utleie.

La compagnia ha 3 grandi fabbriche nel North Wales e attualmente produce settecento rimorchi ogni settimana. Questi rimorchi sono quindi realizzati cercando di accontentare le esigenze dei consumatori. Una grossa percentiale di componeneti sono prodotte e realizzate internamente nell’azienda compresi assi, chassis e molte parti della carrozzeria. Verifiche rigorose sono effettaute continuamente sui prodotti che noi comperiamo. Una fabbrica di galvanizzazione permette di dare alla azienda un controllo ottimale sugli chassis e su tutte le altrei parti assemblate.

Gli investimenti sono fatti con l’intendo di realizzare per il futuro metodi di costruzioni sempre migliori. La compagnia investe molto sull’ingegneria dei materiali. Questi investimenti comprendono il metodo di stoccaggio delle varie parti e l’uso intensivo di macchine a controllo automatico inclusi metodi di taglio lasers, plasma, presse. La compagnia ha effettuato un ulteriore investimento in un nuovo sito in Deeside UK per costruire e assemblare le parti dei rimochi.

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Back to Top Post by Catrin on Jan 28, I have put this into a separate thread so that people can refer to it more easily. Caveat Emptor Ifor Williams say they want people to remember the person who needed new brake pads for her 14 year old trailer. From the barely legible serial number on the trailer and some other numbers on the draw bar Ifor Williams identified the trailer.

Sep 12,  · Re: ifor williams trailer I read recently somewhere that Ifor Williams have had their legal team onto this nonsense and cleared it up. You can tow a kg trailer as long as you do not exceed the maximum weight the tow vehicle is allowed.

Basic yard duties – mucking out, putting horses on walker, sales work. Previous experience around cattle and horses is desirable but not essential as training will be Contact for Price Published in: Well handled, but not broken. Both have sweet nature’s. Go in horse box easily. Always well looked after, have to go to good home. Double horse trailerLiving area: Forward facing horse trailerType of ramp: Has done some jumping showing plenty of promise.

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